Barska Gladiator Zoom Astronomy Binocular Series

Barska’s line of Gladiator Zoom Astronomy Binoculars are designed with high magnification for long distance viewing for land or celestial viewing. Barska is a leading producer of binoculars, telescopes, brass scopes, sport optics and more. Order your very own Gladiator Astronomy Zoom Binocular TODAY!

Gladiator Astronomy Zoom Binoculars

Gladiator Astronomy Zoom Binoculars

Barska’s new high power zoom gladiator binoculars allow the user to increase the magnification of an image from a stand distant view to a close-up detailed view seamlessly. The greatest benefit with using a pair of astronomy zoom binoculars as compared to a traditional telescope is comfort and ease of use. A telescope with a single light path for astronomy results in a flat image with no depth of field whereas a high powered zoom binocular provides a stereo 3-D view of an object which provides the a much more in-depth and intense view. Typically normal binoculars don’t have as high of a magnification or “power” than that of a telescope, resulting in a distant view of an object in the night sky.

As many astronomers may know, finding an object in the night sky is time consuming even if one knows when and where to look. Barska astronomy binoculars can be used at low power to view a large panoramic section of the sky. The zoom can also be adjusted to increase the level of magnification easily with the simple turn of the zoom lever making the job of targeting an object in the night sky quickly.

The new Gladiator zoom binoculars series by Barska are designed for amateurs as well as  professionals. The most powerful Gladiator zoom binoculars 20-140x80mm (Model AB11184) features 20-140x zoom magnification and a built-in tripod mounting post for celestial viewing. At the maximum magnification of 140x this is the highest zoom power binocular that Barska has ever designed for astronomy. The multi-coated prisms combined with large 80mm objective lenses allow the most light transmission for bright clear images resulting in extremely detailed images. The mid-size 15-125×80 power (Model AB10594) binocular provide a remarkable glance at the universe. Other models available include 20-100×70 (Model AB10592), 12-60×70 (Model AB10172), and 12-36×70 (Model AB10170). The Barska Gladiator series will allow both amateur and experienced astronomers alike to relish in amazing views of the night sky. Order your very own Gladiator Astronomy Zoom Binocular TODAY!

Barska, with corporate offices, in La Verne, CA, USA, is a worldwide binoculars and sport optics company with strong brand recognition in the optics industry. Offering an extensive line of precision binoculars and sport optics. Committed to delivering a superior quality product at an affordable price to all our customers around the world. For more information call Barska at 1-888-666-6769 or visit Barska Binoculars.

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